Chicken Soup for the Cold

     An amusing, erroneous article was published as a Tip of The Day by featuring that Old Wives' Tale about chicken soup.

RA> Mom was right. Chicken soup really can help you get over a cold.
    If dear ol' Mom knew how to feed her family properly, there would never be any "colds/flus".  Human beings are frugivorous apes with a genetic code 98.4% identical to that of the chimp, our closest genetic relative.  A chimp-like diet of raw fruits and vegetables will allow a toxic human to eliminate stored mucus and toxins, such that "colds/flus" will become a thing of the past - gone permanently.
    The common animal-centric, cooked, cultural diet will accumulate toxins and stored mucus in the body, which is excreted by periodic cleansing processes, as these deposits accumulate past a trigger point.  Stress, emotional, psychological, or temperature can trigger these expulsive events; "colds" are called that because they are triggered by the drop in temperature of Fall and Winter for those who live in areas so affected.

RA> Ingredients in chicken soup have anti-inflammatory properties that inhibit the movement of neutrophils into airways. Neutrophils are white blood cells that contribute to the inflammation that causes cold symptoms.
    Nonsense, neutrophils are are the most abundant type of white blood cells and form an integral part of the immune system.  They act to restore biological health, they are NOT something to "inhibit" with chicken soup, control, or try to defeat.  It is simply stupid to interfere with the proper functioning of one's immunological system following Old Wives' Fairy Stories.

RA> Combat your next cold with plenty of rest, lots of fluids, and a bowl of homemade chicken soup.
    If the "cold/flu" phenomena are actually natural, health-supporting processes, initiated by our inherent biochemistry, as may be readily determined by simple dietary experimentation, then WHY would any rational person want to "combat" them?

RA> Typical cold symptoms include coughing, sneezing, and a stuffy nose.
    These processes are obvious attempts by the body to rid itself of stored, excessive mucus created by foolishly, or ignorantly, following the local cultural diet.  Mucus has two forms: mucopolysacchrides (formed from eating excessive complex starches: grains, breads, pasta, ...), and mucoproteins (formed by eating excessive proteins: "meats", dairy, cheese, ...).
    Stop eating mucus -forming foods, and the body will no longer have to initiate mucus-expulsion to keep itself healthy.

RA> Chicken soup may help quell symptoms in several ways.
     First, it is absolutely insane to try to "quell" natural, health-supporting, genetically controlled functions.  These "symptoms" are the result of healthy biochemistry in the body's attempt to cleanse itself

RA> First, chicken soup contains compounds that help inhibit mucus production.
    Mucus is created by improper diet, so more improper diet can obviously not "inhibit" it.

RA> Over-the-counter cold remedies may help relieve your symptoms but they cannot cure a cold.
    The ONLY way to become permanently free from "colds/flus" is to permanently stop eating cultural "foods" that cause excessive mucus production.

RA> ... with plenty of garlic and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper ...
    These are quite toxic - don't believe it - eat a pound or two raw and see what happens.  Someone should ask just how do poisons "cure" a "disease"?

RA> ... will boost the nasal-clearing effects of the soup.
   These toxins will ATTACK the sensitive cells lining the nose, throat, and airway such that they will excrete MORE mucus to protect themselves from that attack.  Similarly, acid fruit (orange, lime, grapefruit) will irritate the mucus membranes with their acid, and cause the cells to protect themselves with a mucus coating.

RA> ... the anti-inflammatory effects ...
    Inflammation is a healthy biochemical response to infection and/or irritation/poisoning.  Why would a sane person want to interfere with our inherent biochemistry.
    As one can readily determine, with some correct understanding of simple biochemistry, this "chicken soup" gambit is absurd, inhibitory of natural processes, and, therefore, unhealthy.

    Arnold Ehret figured this all out over 100 years ago, and wrote the Mucusless Diet Healing System to popularize his analysis, methods, and extensive personal experimentation.
     Other of Ehret's books are available free:
     The definitive cure of constipation, and
     Rational fasting



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