David Wolfe: a wolfe in vegan clothing
The Best Scam Ever!


     David Wolfe (hereinafter DW) presents himself as the ultimate expert on human nutrition, raw food, science, and The Universe.

     I had the opportunity to see his act in Hawaii a couple of years ago.

     DW is basically salesman, with all the scurrilous qualities generally associated with used car salesmen.

     He "works the crowd" psychologically, propagating little useful or meaningful information.
     He tells jokes, usually oblique references to drugs, with a false, knowing smile, implying that if you buy his overpriced pseudo-"super foods", they will somehow get one "high".  A plant is either a food for our little psychotic ape species, or not.  There is NO such thing as a "super food", except in the super-profits they bring from sincere, but ignorant and gullible, seekers of health.

     A well known technique of salesmanship is to get the marks happy, so their intellectual defenses are down; thus, they will buy anything since they are having such a good time.  They falsely associate the "good time" with the product, being conditioned to believe that the transient euphoria will somehow accompany use of the product; of course, it does not.  Having several people in the crowd laughing will be contagious (mass hypnosis), and is an effective control and manipulation technique.

     This section is in response to a Google video of DW; wherein, he makes some of the most idiotic and misleading claims, EVER.

DW: "... "live food" is my passion".
     There is NO such thing as "live food".  This is one of the most ridiculous claims of the raw food "movement", perhaps started almost a century ago Howell who claimed, without any proof, that food has a "Life Energy".
     Howell stated: "I adhere to the philosophy that both the living organism and its enzymes are inhabited by a vital principle or life energy which is separate..."; thus, creating the currently myth that enzymes are alive, repeated endlessly by ignorant raw fooders.  NOTE: Howell admits this concept is a "philosophy", certainly NOT a scientific fact.  
     Enzymes are proteins, period.  Little strings of amino acids, and no one knowledgeable about chemistry claims that they are "alive".

     Although a food may be alive before it is eaten, e.g. sprouts, when chewed, it is killed.  Chew some sprouts and plant the mush; will it continue to grow?  Is chewed food "alive"?  
     IF some cells avoided being crushed and thus killed, and they made it to the stomach, the acid and digestive enzymes would kill all such fortunate cells.  Any five year old will know this, but not DW and self-deluded health seekers!

DW: "... a grain of common sense.."
     DW manifests NO sense, common, or otherwise.  Falsely claiming to be sensible doesn't make it!

DW: "... stay up all the time ..."
     As a chocolate addict, this is not surprising.
DW has started a new drug craze in the guise if a "superfood",
     Jonathan Ott is a foremost ethnobotanist, and author, among numerous other breakthrough books, of The Cacahuatl Eater: Ruminations of an Unabashed Chocolate Addict
     Ott: "For I am the cacahuatl eater, an unabashed chocolate addict, from earliest childhood habituated to this most subtle drug, which many have mistaken for mere comfit or confection, a palliative for childish natures.  But it is not so ..."





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