Cold Wars: Echinacea vs. Chicken Soup

    More nonsense from

RA:> Squashing a cold is like curing hiccups:
    Since "colds/flus" are healthful, natural cleansing processes of the body in an attempt to detoxify itself of excessive stored mucus or other toxins, why would any intelligent person want to "squash" it?

RA> We all have our favorite methods. But do any of them really work?
    Stopping eating excessive proteins and starches will stop the production of excessive mucus, so one permanently eliminates "colds/flus" from their lives by simple dietary change..

RA> Seems echinacea, that controversial cold-quelling herb, really can help people feel better faster.
    Actually, several studies have found no useful effects.  Like all "herbs", echinacea is poisonous, put some on your tongue and see how your body responds to it.

RA> Researchers pored over 14 different studies and determined that echinacea can shorten a cold's stay by an average of 1.4 days.
    If "cold/flus" are natural cleansing mechanisms of our body, as anyone can readily determine by dietary experimentation, why would anyone want to "shorten" a healthful process as it tries to detoxify the body?

RA> Now how about that soup?

RA> Immune-System Booster
    Unsupported claim.

RA> Certain compounds in echinacea, mainly alkamides, chicoric acid, and polysaccharides, may stimulate the immune system.
    "May"?  No support is given.

RA> Echinacea could help both shorten and prevent colds.
    "Could"?  No support.

RA> But Before Taking  Always talk to your healthcare provider before taking any herbal remedy.
    Why; because all herbs are poisonous?  They are.  They "act" to suppress some symptoms by further poisoning the body, so its energy is withdrawn from the cleansing process, and applied to the newer toxic attack.

RA> Echinacea may interfere with your other medicines and supplements, or it could be harmful to you ...
    A little hint as to the hazards.

RA> Chicken Soup Works, Too
    No, it does not.



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